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Using a Gold Collagen Face Mask

24K Gold collagen face Mask at Bella Reina Spa

Are you yearning for a spa facial… but don’t have the time or the money?  Then try using a gold collagen face mask at home.  It is almost like having a spa facial! If you need to rehydrate, detoxify, and relax… then there is no better way to do it. The beautiful Nancy Reagan 24K Gold Collagen Face Mask is truly made of pure gold.  We think it is one of the best things that you can put on your face. Try pairing it with a bubble bath, perhaps a glass of tea or wine, and treat yourself to a nice night!

What will the Gold Collagen Face Mask Do for You?

The gold collagen mask has an array of benefits, which include: hydration, softening your skin, detoxifying your skin, and minimizing skin pores.  It will also enhance blood circulation, and diminish many lines or wrinkles on the surface of your face’s skin.  All you have to do if you have one of these facial masks is to wash your face with warm water, then apply the mask.  To apply, first place over your eyes and then lay carefully over the rest of the face and watch out that it does not irritate your nose and lips.  Leave the mask on your face for twenty to thirty minutes and lightly massage your face with the liquid from the mask. After applying the mask, you skin will come out feeling beautiful and silky smooth.  Touch your face gently and look in a mirror to see minor changes.

Also know that many changes occur over a long period of time by repeated use of a collagen face mask.  Try to treat yourself to an at-home cleansing facial at least once a month, if not more, and pair it with cleansing soap and facial wash that is acceptable for your specific skin type.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the ingredient in your skin that provides both firmness and elasticity.  It is essential to keep looking young and revived.  As you get older and lose your collagen supply, your skin begins to sag or create wrinkled lines along the surface… leading to those dreaded wrinkles we all want to get rid of.  The best way to reverse wrinkling is to increase your skin’s collagen supply.  Collagen masks like the Nancy Reagan 24K Gold Collagen Face Mask can increase your skin’s collagen supply in the most elegant and royal facial treatment you can imagine, even if you don’t have the time or the money to visit a professional spa for an expensive and lengthy facial.

Should you have questions about collagen masks please ask one of our staff at Bella Reina Spa.

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