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Tips for Wearing Purple Eyeliner

Purple eyeliner at Bella Reina Spa

When you start playing with purple eyeliner, you wonder if you are tempting the makeup gods. Most of us haven’t changed the way we do our makeup in years. Sometimes we still use the same mascara we used in high school. Well, it was time for a makeup change and when the purple eyeliner came through the door (it’s actually royal plum), it begged for a complete tryout. They say that purple (royal plum) looks better on people with green or hazel eyes. We aren’t so sure that is true, as our favorite Indian makeup artist, Israt tried it with brown eyes and she looked quite gorgeous. Purple eyeliner is so gorgeous if applied correctly and here are some simple, easy tips.

Tips to Apply Purple Eyeliner

  1. Apply your base primer over the eye or a light color shadow. Keep it super simple.
  2. Use the felt tip and apply the line from the middle of the eye to the end of the upper eyelid.  Make the line thick or thin, but keep as close to the lashes as possible. Apply the line from the middle of the eye to the end of the eye.
  3. Now there are a couple of ways you can go at this point.  You can keep it simple and apply one color of eye shadow (not purple) and call it simply beautiful and done.  Or you can add a little #bellaglam with a darker purple eye shadow in the crease to give your lid depth.
  4. Finish both with black mascara or blue mascara (yes, the colors are gorgeous together).

Keep it fun, keep it simple and keep believing in you. Yes, you can wear purple eyeliner and you can wear it beautifully. Put a little purple in your life!

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