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How to Get Healthy Nails Fast

Healthy nails fast at Bella Reina Spa

Everyone wants healthy nails, because nails make the woman! Yes, feeling beautiful can start with a simple manicure. To find out how to achieve the best nails possible, first we will take a look at what makes nails strong and healthy. Nails grow faster than toenails, but what makes them grow healthy? Nail growth is affected by the following things:

  • Age – the older you are the slower the growth
  • Exercise Activity – the more active you are, the more everything grows
  • Nutrition – what you eat reflects in your body
  • Hereditary Factors –  can’t really control this, but it is who you are

Getting healthy nails is not hard, but it takes being aware of what might be hurting them. Also, the nails can absorb, just like the skin. They are also made up of protein and water.  If they don’t get the nutrients they need, chances are you will not be happy with them.

How You Can Get Healthy Nails

  1. Regular Manicures. Trim, file, push cuticles back on a regular basis. Yes spoil yourself with a weekly manicure. It’s one of the best ways to treat the hands. Remember, cheap polish and lotions want go far in helping the health of your nails. Also, make sure your instruments are sterilized properly.
  2. Cuticles and Hangnails. Regular manicures by a knowledgeable technician can help. Don’t cut your cuticles or let any one cut. Push back and remove only the dead part. Try not to pull your hangnails. Hangnails are from a lack of vitamins. Check
  3. Acetone-Free Polish Remover. Use acetone free polish remover and polish that is free from nasty chemicals like formaldehyde and toluene. The cheaper polishes will polish, grant you that, but the damage to the nails may outweigh the price of the polish. Real acetone is necessary to remove some of the gel polishes, but it will dry the nails.
  4. No Picking or Peeling. Remove polish with remover. Don’t pick or peel polish off as it can damage the nail. The new Shellac polish has made peeling the gel off such fun for clients, but this can damage too. And please remove your polish.  Nothing is worse!
  5. Wear Gloves with Water. Nails can dry out and be dehydrated. Anything that removes hydration from the nail will hurt them. Having hands in water too long or not wearing gloves while washing the dishes will harm them.


  1. Moisturize & Hand Treatments. Keep them hydrated with cuticle oils and creams. Hand creams for nails should really contain keratin, as this is the main ingredient in your nails. One of the popular treatments for nails is the keratin glove hand treatment.
  2. Nail Strengtheners. Speaking of keratin reminds us of nail strengtheners which can help your nails become stronger. Using a product like Duri Rejuvacote can keep your nails healthy because it is putting protein back in the nails.
  3. You Are What You Eat. Now to nutrition. Foods rich in protein help the nails grow. Foods like fish, eggs, beans, flax seeds, dark green vegetables and nuts. The following vitamins are important to the health of your nails for various reasons.  Some vitamins will help the growth, while others help the thickness. Folic Acid is actually helpful for hangnails. Here are the nutrients needed: Vitamins A, C, B12, D, Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3 & 6). Despite popular belief, Vitamin E capsules will help moisturize the nails, but don’t help with growth.
  4. Climates & the Right Gear. Cold weather, dry weather and arid climates can all affect your hands. Cover up with gloves and use creams daily.
  5. Lose the Acrylics – Artificial nails have been a big part of the nail scene for years but they damage the nails. It may not be directly from the acrylic material (although it does cover the porous nail) but it allows water to be trapped. The filing of the nail, the drilling and the removal process affect the health of the nail. Acrylic nails or the dip nails both contribute to harming nails.
  6. Sunscreen. Hands and nails can get damaged by the sun. For the nail bed, it is the drying of the nail due to suns harmful rays.

Getting healthy nails is about being healthy, surrounding yourself with great nutrition, taking care of you, good nail care and being #bellastrong.

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