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How Cracked Heels Can Hurt Your Health

Cracked Heels at Bella Reina Spa

Cracked Heels Explained

There are many reasons for cracked heels including dry skin, flip flops or health issues. Regardless of why you may have them, the cracks and fissures can be a health risk for you. We see it every day, but people don’t really think about taking care of their feet. It’s not until we point out that it can hurt their health. Then, the light bulb goes on. Many think that the reason for problems with your feet is that you don’t take care of your feet, but in many, many cases that is simply not true.

Having cracked heels is a very common problem, so don’t be embarrassed by them. We are here to help you. If you don’t take care of them, they can get worse, get deeper and become not only dangerous to your health but painful.  The reason we focus so much on cracked heels is that the “crack” or “fissure” as it is known, can attract bacteria, germs and be a downer for your lymphatic system. People don’t realize what a simple break in the skin can lead to, especially for your immune system.

We will begin a 3 – part series on Cracked Heels.

The Causes
The Symptoms
Treatment & Prevention

We will discuss what causes the cracks from dry air to an unhealthy diet to improper foot care. We will also discuss what doesn’t work like warm water, soaking, or applying a moisturizer. The myths abound that if your heels are just moisturized that the cracking will be reduced. In some cases, that will work. In many cases that will not work. Putting moisturizer on a hard, dry cracked heel is like putting moisturizer on aboard. It will never soak in.

Cracked heels can hurt your health. Let’s find out how to prevent them and keep them from coming back so your #bellahealth is not affected. Keep following Mi Bella Reina for more information on keeping your feet healthy and free from cracks and fissures.


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