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Should You Eat an Alkaline Diet for Acne?

Alkaline diet for acne at Bella Reina Spa

Should you eat an alkaline diet for acne? Does it matter what you eat for your skin? The body likes to be between 6.9 and 7.2 on the pH scale. When the body is too acidic or too alkaline, the body’s wonderful system works to balance out the system. Too much acid can lead to skin eruptions like acne, eczema, inflammations, other skin and health issues.

Reasons to Eat an Alkaline Diet for Acne

  • Nutrition and what you eat or don’t eat affects your acne.
  • When the body is acidic, it can grow all kinds of fun things like yeast, fungus, and bacteria.
  • Acid-forming hormones are created by stress, so stress can affect the alkalinity of the body.
  • Lack of alkaline foods in the Standard American Diet contributes to the balance in the body between acid and alkaline.

With all of the foods out there like sodas, processed foods, sugar, milk that are acidic, the body is craving something from the alkaline side to keep it balanced. When the body is always eating acidic foods, it just leads to all kinds of skin problems, including acne, rashes, eczema, psoriasis and other skin eruptions.

When clients start to avoid foods that are causing the chaos in the digestive system and the skin, they start to see fewer skin problems.  The bumps start to go away and the body starts to balance out. No kidding.

Real Life Examples of Clients Who Changed to Alkaline Diets for Acne

Client #1: Fabulous Massage therapist who ate vegan, but consumed large amounts of dairy and sugar. Was convinced that her acne around her jawline was from her yoga mat. Her skin care products were terrible. We recommended a simple routine with the Organic Beta Cleanser and the Micro-Crystal Polish. Her acne manifested itself as large blackheads that would turn into pustules and scarring was starting. After peels, extractions and series of treatments, the skin was much better, but she was still having problems.  Repeatedly we recommended avoiding sugar and dairy. She slowed the sugar, but kept the dairy. Finally a trip to Mexico and a yoga retreat where they only served organic almond milk, the light bulb came on. She came bursting through the spa door to exclaim, look at my skin, it’s glowing and flawless.

Client #2: Busy executive mom of one, this client has suffered for years with skin problems. She doesn’t have to be convinced to give up sugar or dairy. She pops in regularly after cheating to exclaim, “two days ago, I drank coffee with sugar and cream, now just look at those big ones”. We help keep her skin exfoliated and extracted, so that the toxins don’t create more bacteria in the body.

The Perfect Alkaline Diet for Acne

It’s impossible to eat alkaline totally and everything is always 80/20. It’s okay to eat acidic foods, but if you want glowing skin, keep it to a minimum. When you are thinking about acidic vs alkaline foods, also think about the glycemic index of the food. How much sugar will that food create in your body.

The good foods for acne include nuts, seeds, green vegetables, beans, low glycemic grains and proteins like quinoa. Keep your fruits to a minimum until your body starts to balance out. The better fruits include berries, apples, and darker fruits. Avoid high sugar, the white carbohydrates, dairy, sodas, and any processed food.

Eating an alkaline diet for acne can not only give you gorgeous skin, but it will make you healthier on the inside (where it really counts). This is one of the best #bellabeautytips ever! Eat your veggies!

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