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7 Causes of Cracked Heels

Cracked Heels at Bella Reina Spa

Okay, what causes cracked heels is not exactly what we would call a fun, beauty kind of post. It’s certainly not as much fun as purple eyeliner. If you have rough heels or heels that are really dry, its not only a beauty issue but a health issue. What causes cracked heels is not always a lack of attention or moisturizing. Some say foot problems are a result of neglect. More often than not, once you are educated on the causes, symptoms, and remedies, you can make a great decision on how to care for your feet.

The Most Common Causes of Cracked Heels

  1. Dry skin or callus on the heel that will crack due to activity like walking barefoot on tile floors or wood floors. The combination of the hard surface with the fact that the moisture is removed from the foot by going without shoes increases the chances for cracks.
  2. Zinc or Omega-3 deficiency. Both nutrients are very important to the health of the skin, especially the feet. The lack of Omega-3 and Omega-6 can dramatically decrease the oil in the skin.
  3. Diabetes and those with sugar difficulties (hypoglycemia) seem to be more prone to cracked heels. The lack of circulation seems to be a key issue in the dryness of the feet and legs.
  4. Overweight and obese people increase the pressure on the bottom of the foot, which causes the heel to spread to either side of the foot. The extra padding on the sole of the foot gets thinner and cracks are more prevalent. This also happens with mules and open-backed sandals as the shoe does not hold the sole close to the bone of the foot.
  5. Skin and Fungus diseases like candida, psoriasis, eczema and athlete’s foot all seem to lead to drier feet and the tendency to get cracks. This is the body’s skin reacting systemically. Something that you are eating or drinking is causing the skin to become dry and scaly.
  6. Water robs the oils from the skin and can lead to dry, rough heels. Standing in water for long periods dries out the heel, leading to the dryness.
  7. Age.  Darn that age thing. It is so responsible for so many things, wrinkles, dry skin and unfortunately cracks in your heels. Part of the age problem comes as you lose oils in your skin, you don’t hydrate enough, and years of wearing shoes that might not fit properly.

Cracked heels are no fun. We say sometimes you can tell a heel by a heel.  Even so, knowing what causes them, can help you treat them.

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